Whether you’re new to the motherhood game, or been at it for years… You’re about to discover a treasure trove of creative, fun, and easily doable solutions to most of your “time management” and “household management” challenges.



If your child is important to you, you owe it to them (and to yourself) to read every word of this magnificent book. You will be captivated, inspired, and emotionally moved by the brilliant stories and fabulous mothering tips Jennifer shares with you.”

- Peggy McColl,
Mother & Grandmother,
and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Long before my daughter was even born, I felt a huge amount of pressure to be the perfect Mom.

I used to watch my ever-expanding tummy and create marvelous fantasies about the Perfect Little Girl and her perfectly groomed, prepared, and engaging Mommy.

Then I’d think about all the things I would have to do to BECOME that perfect Mommy, and started fretting over the what-ifs: “What if I can’t manage … what if I can’t keep up with the other Moms?” I think most new mothers do this.

Once I lost my husband though, the pressure to be perfect really started building! I just HAD to be perfect because I was all they had. The only parent.

I wanted to fill my babies’ days with joy, run an immaculate household, and be a model citizen. But I knew, if I kept that up … I would never survive, and I’d be jeopardizing my children’s happiness and development.


“Managing Mothering:
Simple Shifts To Help You Become
The Best Mom On The Planet”

…a compact guide to dealing with the many stresses and demands of motherhood.

And although yes my world definitely fell apart with my husband’s death, this book is not about the misery, confusion, and grief I went through afterward. Nor is it just for single moms!

In fact, I mention that part of my life only to explain how I found myself as a stressed-out single mom, and to let you know that no matter where your life is right now…

You can rise above it all, pull your home life together, and become “Supermom” to your family.

So you won’t find my whole life story, here – just enough to inspire you and give you the idea: “If SHE can do it, then ANYONE can!” (And yes – that does of course mean YOU too!)

But before I explain any further, I want you to understand…

It’s not about being perfect,
and it’s not about being a martyr

Instead, it’s all about applying certain strategies, and taking specific steps to better manage the many responsibilities, pressures, and demands on your time that make up running a household with young kids – whether you’re married, single, widowed, or whatever...

…in a way that feels natural and stress-free, and creates greater harmony and enjoyment for everyone involved.

It’s also about how you see yourself, your relationships, and the way you fit into the overall scheme of things.

Our own image of perfection can be wildly destructive, both to our self-image and our effectiveness as Moms. When we create these images of perceived perfection that nobody could possibly achieve, we set ourselves up for failure. And with each “failure” our self-esteem takes a hit, we lose confidence in ourselves, and our ability to be a good Mom lessens.

It’s that downward spiral of self-sabotage.

Plus, when we’re so totally focused on creating “perfect” moments and experiences for our kids … we totally miss many moments that are “perfectly fine” by our kids’ own standards. (Oh, we may be there physically – but too often, we’re not really “present” because we’re busy fussing over this-or-that detail, and worrying about how we could have made things better.)

Now, I may not know you personally but I do know this: If you’re a Mom, then you’re a busy Mom. I KNOW you are because that’s the only kind there is!

…and more. LOTS more. And when they don’t have such thoughts bouncing around inside their heads … it’s often because they’re too exhausted to think at all.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know – you’re not alone. I’ve been there. I know just how you feel because I used to feel the same way.

Like so many other mothers, I felt overwhelmed and unrewarded – unable to cope with having “too few hours in the day” and trying to cram so many things into those insufficient 24 hours. Sleep? Who needs it! Play with the kids? Sure, so long as I can still multi-task, and get the laundry and dishes done while “playing”.

And time for myself? HA! As if.

Is motherhood living up to the
romantic image you had before your first child?

I felt guilty about not living up to my own expectations (as well as those I believed others had of me). And then on top of it, I was angry about feeling guilty!

There was always something else needing to be done, and I could never find time to relax. As much as I loved them, it just seemed the more I gave to my kids, the more they took and gave little in return. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t have felt that way, with my kids at that age – but I did, sometimes.)

And of course I always felt I should be able to be a better mother.

As all moms know, it can be mighty difficult, frustrating, and downright depressing (literally!) trying to show your children all the love you feel for them, and find time to do all those things you’d like to do with them…

…when you’re bogged down and overwhelmed with all the daily details like laundry, diaper-changing, naps, feeding, dressing … taxiing to school, dance class, hockey, girl guides, gymnastics … picking up clutter, cooking the meals, shopping for groceries, breaking up fights, bandaging boo-boos. Throw in a job on top of all that, if you work outside the home, and it’s “Good luck to YOU, girl!”

Is it really any surprise that most mothers have no time for themselves, and wonder what happened to that romantic image of motherhood they had BEFORE their first child?

Anyhow, that was my life, in a nutshell.

But then I discovered something that absolutely turned it all around – an incredibly effective (and thankfully EASY) way to change both my habits and my focus, and create a system that allows anyone to use the hours we’re given far more effectively.

And do you know what?

It worked like MAGIC!

Suddenly I found myself wondering what on earth could have had me so stressed and anxious before. Oh sure, my life was still busy – but at least it now it was manageable. That was a whole new experience for me!

And wonder-of-wonders, I began to find the time for having fun with my kids that I’d been so desperately longing for.

It can be that way for you, too. I promise.

You have it in you to turn YOUR home life around, the same way I have.

Managing Mothering reads like a story – yet every chapter is woven through with tips, tricks, and techniques that give you new “super powers” you can begin applying immediately to your chores, your health, and your relationships with those you love.

We begin by learning new ways to view your life as a mother. Because success in parenting and running your home – as in any other area of Life – is all about “perspective” and “focus”. It’s not so much what happens to us that dictates how our lives unfold but how we view each of those things.

This is an important distinction ... and a critical habit to develop.

You see, there are ways of looking at Life that cause us to freeze up, and make it nearly impossible to find solutions to our situation.

And there are other ways that can open your heart and mind to new and better opportunities, and help you see the potential for good in most any situation.

That’s why it’s so important to understand you can change your whole life when you simply change your focus. I want you to appreciate yourself, your kids, and even your “busyness” … and know that the more you appreciate these things, the better Life gets. So first, I want you to get feeling really good about where you are now … and then take the steps I suggest to create the balance you crave.

Maybe you’ve even read other books dealing with this sort of thing – or tried to read them, at least. But if you’re like most other moms, you’ve probably found them impossible to slog through and actually put into action when you’re already as pooped as you are at the end of the day.

That’s why I’ve kept every chapter in this book short – and FUN to read!

There’s nothing “preachy” about this book, either. And it’s not some dry “scholarly text” that you’ll relegate to the top shelf after struggling through the first chapter – far from it! I’ve tried to keep the mood light and fun throughout the book – with the odd detour, to share a tear or two.

You’ll understand what I mean when you see some of the chapter titles, like:

  • The Wild Balognies Are Coming
  • Toilets LOVE Toothbrushes (Believe it not, that’s a motto in my house!)
  • Nail Biting Can Change Your Life
  • She Shoots, She Scores! (This one comes from a silly little “mental game” I play with myself.)

“Life In The Pressure Cooker” reveals a number of creative ways you can deal with all the myriad pressures every mother of young children faces … and shares some of my own amazing “blunders”. (After all, sooner or later, nearly everyone slips up. So we’ll also look at how you can “make good” on your mistakes afterward.)

And of course, there’s Chapter 1:

“Pillsbury Cookies ARE Homemade Cookies”

You see, to a child, “home-made” doesn’t have to be “from scratch”. Yes, mixing ingredients, making a mess, and then cleaning up together afterward CAN be a fun and educational event … when you have time for it!

But just buying the prepared dough, and baking them off, still fills your house with that fresh-baked smell. And your kids can still slice the dough (if they’re old enough) or spoon it from the bucket, and lay it out on cookie sheets. No need for any mommy-guilt here.

So this chapter offers up terrific time-savers that add to your enjoyable moments together, without having to “put off” those things that simply must get done.

In Chapter 7, you’ll see how you can eliminate “laundry day” forever … and in Chapter 8, I share a lesson learned from the Boy Scouts that can save you countless trips to the store.

There’s no theoretical “fluff” here, either. You get only PROVEN strategies I know work, from firsthand experience! These are the same techniques I’ve used to transform my own life from one of chaos into one of order … mostly. AND I’ve had fun doing it.

Yes, I really do all the things you’ll read about in Managing Mothering – even the crazier ones. And my kids are some of the happiest kids I know!

Managing Mothering is the answer to every overwhelmed mother’s prayers. Jennifer has survived incredible challenges since she became a mother and has come through laughing. With incredible insight and humor, she shares invaluable advice on turning motherhood into the joyous experience we all want it to be. If you buy yourself only one book this year, let it be Managing Mothering.”

- Carol M. Barrett
Mother & Grandmother,
Author of “The Secret To Finding Love”

Look, this stuff really works to help you find balance, feel appreciated, and love both yourself and your busy life. (Being a busy mom is not a bad thing – but doing it without a plan and organization certainly is.)

If you will just commit to following these suggestions for 30 days – and honor your commitment – I promise you’ll wonder why in the world you waited so long to do it this way.

Jennifer, I just finished reading Managing Mothering. It was so full of really good advice and cute stories to create more balance in the home. If mothers would simply embrace one of these chapters each month, they could really change their productiveness and outlook for the better. Thanks so much for this book!”

- Leiah Layton
Mother of 4,

Yes here in one book you’ll find creative and – most importantly – easily doable solutions to most of your “time management” and “household management” challenges.

So whether you’re new to the motherhood game, or been at it for years, get ready to…

…in a way that’s fun for your whole family!

There really is no better time…

Listen, if you’ve decided it’s time for a change in your home life, and you’re ready to see how easily you can begin managing all those things that are currently taking up 26 hours of every 24 hour day...

If you’d like to have more time to focus entirely on your family, without trying to get other chores done at the same time, or having your mind constantly straying to other obligations...

And if you think you could actually enjoy some “relax and recharge” time all to yourself, where nothing matters but the moment you’re in (because everything else is taken care of) – and especially if you’ve forgotten what that even looks like...

Then there is no better time than right now to get started.

Let’s face it though: We’re creatures of habit, you and I. And inertia is a powerful force – it usually takes a little extra “oomph” to get us to shift gears and do something different ... even when it’s so obviously for the better.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer you this...

In parenting, as in all of Life, any suggestion or strategy is only as good as the ACTION you put behind it. YOU know that … and I know it too.

And that’s why I’m making it so easy for you to say “YES!” to acting on THIS opportunity now

…while it’s still fresh in your mind, and before the pressures of family life begin pushing your resolve to the back burner.

Take action TODAY by claiming your copy right now, and you’ll also get a special gift package containing several items hand-picked especially to help you get the most out of this book, AND make the transition to a more balanced, harmonious home quicker and smoother than you might have once thought possible.

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This way, by implementing just one or two of these strategies right away, when your book arrives you’ll actually have time to curl up in a comfy chair with it … and read LEISURELY. (*sigh*)

Managing Mothering is already attracting a lot of attention – and a lot of love – from readers around the world. And many of them – wonderfully gifted teachers of personal change, parenting, and relationship skills – like Peggy McColl, Boni Lonnsbury, and Beth Dargis – are throwing their support behind the book’s big “official” launch on January 14 by giving you additional FREE Gifts, chosen especially to help you redesign your home life, and take charge of your time.

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Over the past 3 decades, Peggy McColl has been studying and using the principles of Attraction and Manifestation, and the many ways of making them work in people’s lives – whether your goals center on attracting a soulmate, achieving greater balance in your life, or ending money worries forever. As Peggy puts it:

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But what can we do when those “negative emotions” are hanging around longer than they should, and interfering with both your daily routine, and moving your life forward? Just follow the simple tips she provides in “Getting Your Happy Back”!

Here are quick and easy solutions to 8 of the most common stops we make on our daily emotional rollercoaster ride … along with 8 powerful questions you can ask, to help reveal and dissolve those self-destructive feelings that anyone can experience (but which moms of young kids just seem to have more often).

From simplification expert Beth Dargis comes the lovely Declutter Calendar, providing you with 12 months of daily tips and helpful advice for decluttering your space, and organizing your life. And it includes some amazing ideas for breezing through major holidays in a simpler, stress-free (yet still FUN!) way.

Of course, as you’d expect from Beth, each daily tip is oh-so-simple to implement. Yet when you add them up, the result is a much simpler, and far more enjoyable life for everyone in your home. Yours FREE when you order your copy of “Managing Mothering” TODAY.

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“Managing Mothering: Simple Shifts To Help You Become The Best Mom On The Planet” is available right now for only...


Order today, before that hectic lifestyle drives it from your mind...

Simply press the big button below to claim your copy, along with the immediate-download PDF edition (so you can begin turning your home-life around this very evening) and of course your entire “Supermom Fast-Action Gift Bundle”.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have been able to write this letter to you.

The simple truth is ... I wouldn’t have had the energy.

I wouldn’t have had the time, or the patience.

And quite frankly, I wouldn’t have had anything of any real value to share with you.


That has all changed!

And now, as you read through Managing Mothering, you’ll laugh a lot, maybe cry a little ... and you’ll discover just how easy it can be to create greater balance, harmony, and pure joy in your life and in your home.

I wish you and your family all the very best in your new life!

Love and hugs –


P.S. - You might never wear a red cape and colourful tights in public, or be able to fly under your own power ... but you can be a hero to your family. AND yourself! You can be ... SuperMom.

This heartwarming and inspirational Mommy read is full of wonderfully useful tips that will transform you into your very best Mommy Self.””

Bridget Young Linehan,DMD (mother of 2)

Jennifer has really nailed it here! With humor and simplicity, she tells how she went from devastation to success, using the principles of personal development, time management and goal-setting – all with an eye on making life easier and more enjoyable for herself and her two children. Her account of day-to-day parenting will resonate with mothers everywhere, her tips are simple to follow, and many of her stories are laugh-out-loud funny. Managing Mothering is an invaluable guide to navigating the greatest responsibility in life … told with warmth, wit, and wisdom. I wish this book had been around when my own daughters were small!””

Lex Whellens, Australia

This is a must-have for all new mothers, and I wish it had been around when my first child arrived. You give so many vital solutions and ideas on how to handle a completely new life changing situation, and look at life from a positive and joyful perspective. Thank you, Jennifer – your book is such a pleasure to read!””

Julie Ringnes, Norway

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